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Next Generation Dip Brazed FADEC Dip Brazed Enclosure Riveted Assembly for Helicopter Secure Digital Audio Control Panel

Thermal & Power Management

Precise Products For Critical Components
Customers know they can rely on B/E Aerospace (formerly TSI Group, Inc.) to integrate their requirements into a cohesive package that yields highly reliable results. B/E's aluminum brazing process knowledge brings together some of the pioneers in this technology and is unsurpassed anywhere in this industry, and our thermal engineering team combines years of experience with empirical data to insure our designs work the first time and every time. By combining our mechanical design and process engineering talents, B/E can remain flexible while handling our ever-increasing demands.

Some of our Thermal, Electronic and Power Management Solutions include:

  • Chassis and enclosures
  • Closed loop cooling systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cold plates
  • Brazing services
  • Cold walls and heat sinks
  • Liquid flow through components
  • Precision conductive & fiber optics
  • Thermal design & analysis
  • Power conversion engineering
  • Mechanical/electrical packaging & interface
  • Electronic/electromechanical assemblies
  • Circuit card design & assembly
  • Cabling, harnesses, consoles
  • Power supply & conversion products
  • Complex box build
  • Backshell design

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