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Crew Rests Crew Rests Crew Rests Crew Rests
Crew Rests include: OHAR OFCR FCRC

Crew Rests

Kick Back and Relax
As the pioneer of the industry, B/E Aerospace continues to lead the way in design, certification, manufacturing and installation of attendant and flight crew rest and bunk compartments.

Utilizing the latest technologies in lightweight materials, electrical and HVAC systems, lavatories and sleep compartments, our attendant and flight crew rests have become the industry standard for both new airframes and the retrofit market.

Boeing 777 Door 1 Overhead Flight Crew Rest
The Overhead Flight Crew Rest (OFCR) is strategically engineered to take full advantage of the unused overhead volume in the aircraft’s forward section to accommodate up to four occupants in two bunks and two seats.

Spacious & Cost Effective
Located “upstairs” in the aft of the flight deck, the OFCR allows flight crews complete privacy without compromising the rest and sleep area.  The OFCR includes two premium business class seats and two spacious wide berth beds with optional features such as a closet, sink or lavatory.

Placing the crew rest above the main flight deck allows airlines the freedom to utilize all main deck seating area for passengers. Current estimates predict that moving crew rests upstairs generates between $4.9 million and $11.25 million in additional revenue over 20 years for an airline.

Boeing 777 Door 3 Overhead Attendant Rest
B/E’s NASA inspired Overhead Attendant Rest (OHAR) provides comfortable, quiet sleeping quarters for up to 8 flight attendants with the added bonus of two in-flight seat positions. Fully customizable based on customer needs, the OHAR’s symmetric design provides greater ease of access for attendants while optimizing space on the main floor.

Space Saving and Revenue Generating
Engineered to take full advantage of the unused overhead volume in the mid section of the wide-body 777-200ER airplane, the OHAR not only increases cargo capacity, but once installed, frees up the equivalent of over 16 revenue producing seats or one 96 x 125 inch pallet.

Weighing 66% less than the lower lobe compartment it replaces, the OHAR currently provides a ROI in 18 months.

A330/A340 Flight Crew Rest
Specifically designed for A330 and A340, B/E’s Flight Crew Rest Compartment (FCRC) is the only crew rest option for Airbus aircraft.  From the enhanced interior acoustic insulation to externally mounted quick release seats and optional business class seats, B/E’s FCRC embodies comfort and function.

Featuring a uniquely shaped interior, the FCRC maximizes crew comfort with amenities designed to fit seamlessly within the compartment's internal shell.

The FCRC can be equipped with either single or dual bunk variants and includes an array of features such as 16g certified seats for take-off and landing, IFE and communication systems, reading lights and ample stowage for personal belongings.

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