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Main Cabin

The Pinnacle of Weight Savings

Utilizing advanced composites, an integrated lightweight comfort suspension system, and a new design methodology that reduces parts by more than 25%, B/E Aerospace’s newest main cabin seat, Pinnacle®, is 15% lighter than any other full-featured coach seat on the market today.


Common Platform for Any Mission

By developing a common platform, Pinnacle® is a perfect main cabin solution for both narrow and wide-body aircraft.  Additionally, the seat is configure-to-order and its modular design allows airlines to mix and match features to tailor the seat to specific market requirements.


Comfort Without Compromise

With Pinnacle®, B/E has created a high-density solution that still provides the comfort passengers demand.  With increased living space at virtually any pitch, and the ability to accommodate nearly any IFE solution, Pinnacle® continues to improve the passenger experience while increasing LOPA efficiency.


More Miles Flown than Any Other Seat

With over 100,000 seats currently in service, the Spectrum® platform includes regional, main cabin, and domestic business class variants and offers exceptional living space while providing value with low cost of ownership, weight savings, and exceptional reliability.


Bridging the Gap Between Business and Economy

B/E leads the way in premium economy solutions with Premium ICON®, a revolutionary fixed-shell seat that eliminates encroachment on the space of the passenger behind.  Additionally, the video box is incorporated into the seat to enhance legroom, and offers exceptional comfort through Liveback®, a unique system that provides total support for every shape and size, through every movement and posture.

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