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Pulse Oxygen Technology

Advanced Delivery Systems Reduces Weight
The Pulse® passenger oxygen system utilizes a revolutionary technology that delivers oxygen based on a person’s breathing cycle. With oxygen now stored in the PSU, the system weight can be reduced by up to 450 pounds. Pulse® also requires less maintenance while supporting various aircraft mission profiles and seating reconfigurations. Proprietary systems are now exclusively available on the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350XWB.

Flexibility with Cost Saving Measures
Pulse® Oxygen Technology eliminates the need for rigid pipe, providing mission flexibility. To conserve energy, the Pulse® System is not powered during typical flights and activates immediately if required. In addition, its built-in microprocessors are designed to improve reliability with minimal preventative maintenance required.

The Pulse® Portable System
Self contained and easy to use, the Pulse® Portable unit has been designed using the same Pulse® oxygen conservation technology as the passenger system.

Activated by a single lever system that requires only three off-the-shelf AA batteries, Pulse® Portable is simple to maintain. To reduce weight and cost, the system’s new lightweight composite design, and advanced Pulse® technology reduces the number of cylinders required per aircraft.

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