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Thermal & Power Management

Comprehensive Temperature Control
B/E Aerospace (formerly TSI Group, Inc.) is a single source for thermal management and electronics cooling that has the efficiency and expertise to create comprehensive solutions custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. B/E designs, manufactures and assembles to your specifications or provides turnkey assemblies and components to an established design.

Managing Critical Components
B/E understands the indispensable value of relievable electronics and assemblies, and offers their clients the capacity to produce specialized electronics and wiring solutions, from weaving heating systems into sub zero clothing, to defect-free aircraft instrument control panels. We are experts in custom designed and highly engineered electronic and electrical assemblies and connectors, as well as completely integrated solutions for complex spaces that can withstand the harshest conditions.

For power systems, B/E can work with customers on conversion, conditioning, and sampling with our integrated, custom designs. Additionally, B/E can produce power and signal distribution cables, including woven flat cable, high speed digital cable, controlled impedance cable distributed systems and sub-systems, test equipment, and electro-textiles.

Keeping Cool When It Matters Most
Heat management is crucial to ensure that electronics systems remain functional. As the leading thermal management company with the top thermal analysis engineers in the industry, B/E can provide customers with dual-source manufacturing capabilities for CNC manufacturing and aluminum brazing by delivering “extra-capacity” when necessary. B/E's four independently run thermal management divisions account for the majority of the aluminum brazing manufacturing production in the United States proving the capacity and flexibility for virtually any project.

B/E has spearheaded the development of proprietary techniques for closed looped cooling systems, and our expertise in thermal management packaging extends to both air and liquid cooled finned heat exchanger designs. These unique designs, along with our heat exchangers, pumps, fans, valves, electronic controls, interface plumbing and packaging, has lead the thermal management industry.