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Feedback Translated
In order for a product to be successful, it needs to be well received by those who use it. To ensure that our product development continues on course to meet customer needs, B/E Aerospace utilizes focus groups and third party users to review products through various stages of the development process.

Starting with up to five concepts, we then use focus groups to narrow these concepts down to two acceptable solutions.  These solutions are then developed as 3-D graphics for further review. Once the design is selected, a mock-up is created so that feedback can be applied to a physical product. During this stage, modifications are noted and incorporated accordingly. Once the product is production ready, we include an extra round of evaluation before manufacturing starts to confirm all specifications are exactly met.

This process has been very successful. Our customer list is a who’s who of the airline industry demonstrating that when a new product is needed, B/E is the company to collaborate with.